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The Rangers Won – well they are in the finals

Let me start by saying, I am NOT a hockey fan.  In fact, I am not a fan of sports at all really but in a house of testosterone, with three men, I can’t avoid it, hard as I try.  My husband loves the NY Rangers and it has been 19 years since their last Stanley Cup Win.  He has made my oldest son a fanatic and even my book worm gets excited at the playoffs and finals.  Three men… three margaritas for me.

Teddy with googles

Well tomorrow night is game four of the finals and it has been exciting thus far, I know because I am upstairs watching Netflix, or doing laundry, or at the computer, working of course…. anything but not watching hockey.  HOWEVER, I hear the screams and the oh no’s and wooohhhooooots and I think, this is positively the best time to get my work done.

I even came into watch the last few nail-biting minutes of game three (did I actually say that?)  So maybe, I like hockey after all.  Maybe I can experiment with the margaritas while they are watching.  I like watermelons.  Watermelons and margaritas?  Yum

Margarita recipe: I got hooked on these after going to dinner last summer at Outback.  I wish I knew where the black salt could be purchased but then again, if I did that, I would REALLY raise my blood pressure, especially during the hockey finals.  Did I really say that?

Found a great recipe for Watermelon Margaritas on The Chew.  Tomorrow is game 4 of the Rangers v. LA Kings… definitely trying this.  Tonight however I am going to catch up on “Jack” (beloved 24) and try my old tried and true recipe.  I have to make watermelon salsa for tomorrow anyhow.  Not that I really am into cooking, that’s what my man is for, but on Friday’s I do TRY.  More on that later.