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Homage to Ombre – starting with an Ombre Tulle Flower Girl Dress

A few posts ago, Ie highlighted a new flower girl dress with Ombre Tulle layers – the girls at the studio had fun, making these layers of tulle for that dress that had had miles and miles of tulle – so to continue this theme, I became obsessed and searched as I kept coming across some magnificent items to use for your Ombre Wedding. I admit, I got totally distracted finding these pretty things!

First, I looked for bridesmaids dresses to compliment our flower girl dress and the next thing I knew, there was a wedding gown by Lazaro I found that was so beautiful… and of course in my favorite color, Tiffany blue.  There were all kinds of turquoise ombre cakes (my favorite below) and a Herve Leger which would be perfect for my niece’s wedding.Going along with that aqua theme, before I knew it, I found a really neat distressed dresser, of course the stairs I still plan to do, even a stair railing! I GOT TO STOP!!!  Worse that anything, a new distraction, from – directions on how to make an ombre aqua keyboard.  TRUE heaven.  I’m in so much trouble. Ombre Flower Girl Dress

Turquoise Ombre Things!


Fitting Some of My Parents Into My Home – A Sad Goodbye

I don’t know what I like best, putting up Christmas decorations or taking them down. I suppose what I do love is the lights – though my neighborhood was not so into it – one was a renter and the other neighbor had twins a day or so after Christmas so they were busy on their own accord. What I DO love about taking the decorations down is that it makes things be back to ORDER. Christmas decorations, though I love them and the memories they hold are another layer on what you already have so it gets a bit messy for me. This time, taking them down I was able to some rearranging, and finally completing some of the things I hadn’t gotten done before. I also acquired some things from my parents winter home in South Florida now that they passed away. I stored some things for my son from their possessions for his first apartment post college, but some really pretty accents blended fairly nicely into our home. So I suppose these things will help me to remind me of my mom and dad and the wonderful memories of their home in Naples FL.

I had the sad task of closing up my parents winter home though they had passed away, mom 5 years ago, dad almost two years and I found myself saying final goodbyes. My sister had actually bought the home from my folks before they passed and had just sold it but I guess it was hard to think of it as her home since it was still filled with my parents things as if they had gone north for the spring. The one nice thing about it was that I was able to keep some of their possessions and incorporate them into our home in Orlando.  Walking around today after getting the Christmas decorations away, I was able to use some of their pieces into our home and took some pictures.

My folks had a passion for collecting unusual art in their Naples home.  Here two wood carvings blended well on the exterior of our turquoise “Pegeen Blue” home.


Tiffany blue house – turquoise and lime green look great together here in this sitting area on the brick porch accented with this metal wall hanging. reading-room-2

Reading room – finally a lamp that worked perfectly – the little decorative ceramic pot was covered with glass and sat on a wooden stand. I kept the wooden board that we tested all of our paint colors on – sort of a art piece – that hid the wiring for the computersreading-room

Every one should have a turquoise bed for their dog!! (above)proch-windpws

porch-3porch-2 Their display cabinet and plant stand found a new home in our sun porch.porchOur sinour fountainfireplace

Even mom had a sense of beach style for their home on the coastal shore – and peach, lemon and turquoise was pretty predominate in her home.  Dramatically different than their classic northern home, I felt some of her pieces would be happy at our home. I was so excited to add four leather aqua chairs from her kitchen – they fit great into the desk area and we added them to the interior desks as well as some in our offices.

It was very sad saying good bye to my parents and going into their house last week in Naples.  Knowing I would never go back was very overwhelming and I cried for what seemed like hours.  Finally, I was able to get to work on breaking down their home.  I suppose many who lose parents such as I do finally get to that big grieve… you know the one where you just have the air escape from your lungs, knowing that parts of them will be gone forever.  This past weekend was that time where you walked around their home, expecting to see them, remembering the time you would visit a furniture store with them or some of the art galleries picking out the perfect piece for a corner or a room.  I miss my parents sometimes so much – wanting more of their time, their wisdom, their company.

At least I now have some pretty things in each of our rooms to remind me of them. I will get to the upstairs next week.  For now, I am resting my bones.



Pegeen Finishes our Spa Blue Heaven House

SO… this is going to be a really long post. Forgive my indulgence but I am really proud of the results.

On a recent trip up north for a wedding, my family asked me to post more photos of our home.  I was asked how we were attracted to this house in the first place – and my immediate answer was that the outside was painted, of all colors, my favorite shade of aqua – Pegeen Blue!

Painted swing  - Pegeen Finishes by

The interiors were all white but that left me that pallet to do what I had been dying to do – multiple shades of spa blues, sea glass and tiffany blue throughout the interior.  Because most of Florida tends to be new construction, and since we loved renovating older homes, this new home/old Key West charm was the attraction.  We loved the old doors on the second floor in each of the bedrooms (although my grown up sons find it odd that they are all-glass) are antique window paned doors.

Antique Bedroom Doors  - Pegeen Finishes by

PAINT: Colors used through out the house we primarily custom-mixed as i gave swatches of fabrics to the great paint crew at my local Home Depot but there were many colors used that came from the OOPS table there.  I used them especially for the wash of the antiques (yep I painted most of my antiques and even re-purposed some,

Repurposed Breakfront for TV

We re-purposed a mahogany Breakfront for the TV as well as repainted almost all of our antiques

PAINT COLORS:  Even though I am a children’s wear designer, I still believe that I could be born again as a MIXOLOGIST! I found that most paint colors had too much hue or the “whites” were too washed out. Except for using Behr’s Honeydew (lime green) because it was an exact match for the plaid in my antique Drunkard’s Bench for our reading nook and Teal Ice for the office, I really had to start from scratch. Remember the scene from “Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream House?” Well that was me – red, blue, green, yellow, white. I LITERALLY had to take pieces of tile, our Pegeen Website background, fabric swatches and spa glass I collected over the years and because there was this WONDERFUL staff (and manager MJ) at my local Home Depot, I was able to accomplish the exact shades of Spa Blues that I required for the house. I tested them too on a board and later hung the board on the wall.

Tested paint board  - Pegeen Finishes by

Many of the fabrics come from our silks we now carry and since I had difficulty achieving precise colors from brands such as Valspar, Ralph Lauren, Glidden, Porter, Benjamin Moore, I found that working with the paint team at Home Depot on a custom basis worked best for me. I also found their “oops colors” ($5 a can) worked great for my dry brushing technique for our antiques that I learned from painting scenery in my Theater Days…. I mean there was almost no piece of furniture I didn’t paint. Once I found out no one wanted to buy my antiques I had collected, I took to the paintbrush and a piece of cardboard to wipe off excess (men’s shirt cardboard works the best).

I was able to put my mix and match set of glassware and various collections together to form a set of dishes x30 years into marriage but they held together.

Fiesta Ware from Dillards with Mexican blown-glass from Amici

Fiesta Ware in Lime, Turquoise and Teal with Mexican blown-glass from Amici and additional glass ware from Pier One

When we started to look for a place, we needed one that was smaller since our children were off to college but something that if grand kids finally come, we had room.  Recently, we were able to entertain with 14 overnight guests and still had room without putting them up on our office floor.  The open floor plan was perfect for entertaining.

Great Room - Pegeen Finishes by

Reading Room - Pegeen Finishes by

Our goal was to find a place that was a fairly clean and open canvas but one we could personalize. I didn’t want to put a lot of time into renovating (been there and done that) but the house was SO white on the inside that it was really the perfect place for me to experiment and display all the turquoise “things” we had collected. The house is located on one of the many lakes situated near Downtown Orlando. We really were looking for a home that would be the perfect visual spot for our weekend office….I was so tired of looking at basements, train tracks and brick walls when away from the factory. So I was particularly interested in a lake view.

Lake view with turquoise swing - Pegeen Finishes by

Though the house doesn’t have a pool yet, it has a tropical feeling and I will be able to look at it in the rear as well as my lovely lake views in the front. It will be a lot of fun for us to design the pool and spa area as we are looking to make it recreational and very kid friendly for my kids will start families of their own and we are thinking building one to suit (like a lazy river) and a REALLY big bar area! LOL.

Truly a spectacular LAZY RIVER pool. From[/caption%5D

I really had to thank this wonderful upholsterer (Beverly’s Interiors) in Winter Park for her fabulous work – and the fabrics I was after was again, pretty much in one pallet throughout the home so I headed to this great chain throughout Florida called Boca Bargoons who carries all fabrics from Lee Jofa, Pindler, Brunschwig & Fils and so many more – I was going for this 1950’s Tropical Barkcloth look in that Frank Sinatra “A Hole in the Head” or “from Here to Eternity” look.

[caption id="attachment_486" align="alignnone" width="640"]Truly, a GREAT ROOM Truly, a GREAT ROOM

Besides the experiment in color, I find that Pier One has that “look” for accessories but I am always scouring Tuesday Mornings, Marshalls and of course flea markets and auctions….. There is this fabulous one in Dover NJ called Berman’s that my kids used to go to with me – a really great source for art deco and really any period and I wish there was an auction house like that here that I could find. I also shop a lot in Naples FL as well as nags Head for certain things but again, we are talking life time of collecting.

Upholstered stool from our 1760's antique drunkards bench  - Pegeen Finishes by

1920's Art Deco glass table and chair - Pegeen Finishes by

Water color from our NJ Tudor Home  - Pegeen Finishes by

The house color and style (Key West Style) quickly sold us after our search for a lake Home. Literally I searched on the internet for months but then, once I saw this house was turquoise blue I almost couldn’t contain myself… I knew it was mine even before we saw the house. We walked out on the dock and looked back at the house (with our agent) and wrote it up right there.

My entire hope was that I could “brand” my house in Pegeen Blue and from the porches to the bedrooms, my inspiration were spa glass colors – piece of glass worn long by the ocean from my childhood in the then tiny town of Sea Isle City NJ. I have been lugging glass around since the late 1950’s and anytime I saw one, I would pick it up and wonder where it came from. The real excitement was when you found a glass that was turquoise or teal that was unlike any other in my collection.

Closet Office

Closet Office

 Cribbage board and game collection - Pegeen Finishes by  Cribbage board and game collection - Pegeen Finishes by Pegeen Finishes by Repainted china cabinet - Pegeen Finishes by Kitchen view - Pegeen Finishes by Reading room - Pegeen Finishes by Repainted china cabinet - Pegeen Finishes by Repainted and formerly built-in bookcase Pegeen Finishes by Repainted china cabinet - Pegeen Finishes by Kitchen view - Pegeen Finishes by reading area and home office - Pegeen Finishes by

I think this house, my Pegeen Blue “turquoise” house is a real bit of Spa Heaven.

Guest bedroom  - Pegeen Finishes by Young man's bedroom - Pegeen Finishes by Master bedroom - Pegeen Finishes by Master bedroom - Pegeen Finishes by Young man's bedroom - Pegeen Finishes by Master bathroom - Pegeen Finishes by Hallroom - Pegeen Finishes by Young man's bedroom - Pegeen Finishes by Stairwell - Pegeen Finishes by Laundry room - Pegeen Finishes by

Also at Berman’s in Dover NJ, we were able to purchase quite a bit of antique glass and some of them fit perfectly in bathroom and bedroom windows.

Antique glass windows bought at auctions - Pegeen Finishes by

Antique glass windows bought at auctions – Pegeen Finishes by

Antique Glass  - Pegeen Finishes by

Antique Glass  - Pegeen Finishes by

I had a blast with spray paint from Rustoleum – I mean LOOK at these colors! My projects ranged from painting the antique bird cage to a flower “bed” for my yard.  Krylon’s website is much better to see their colors – but I am pretty sure they are the Lowe’s choice and I usually shop Home Depot that carries Painter’s Touch.

Summer Porch - Pegeen Finishes by Deck and swing- Pegeen Finishes by Antique Finch Cage- Pegeen Finishes by Pegeen.comGarden "bed" - Pegeen Finishes by

Rustoleum Spray Paint projects:  Keylime Chairs. Lagoon coffee table and flower "bed", Aqua swing and bird cage and Fern Green porch tables

Rustoleum Spray Paint projects: Keylime Chairs. Lagoon coffee table and flower “bed”,  Aqua swing and bird cage and Fern Green porch tables and Silver for the chandelier

Painted chandellier - Pegeen Finishes by

Since I have been designing my whole life, whether it was the red fur lined cape I made in 3rd grade or doll house furniture made of sponges (my mom’s idea), I have always been imagining, designing, playing with fabrics. A trained dancer, I have my masters degree in dance and theatre arts.  As a kid, I used to either perform in plays or help paint or construct sets for plays. In college I learned from some of the best in Theater Arts.  I think it helped me transition into children’s clothing and especially like the Christmas Season when I create the several hundred Clara Party Scene dresses from Pegeen’s Nutcracker Collection.  The house finally gives me the view I craved for over 30 years of seeing cinder block walls.Pegeen Design Studio   - Pegeen Finishes by

I started my children’s wear company PEGEEN shortly after my sister’s daughter, now 35 or so, was born. Although I no longer have to sew as I have some really great seamstresses that work for me, I still do what I did as a small girl, create clothes for my “dolls” – and now they are just a bit bigger…. As in the flower girl dresses we now produce. My design studio was built so that can work the long hours that I do and create the website or work on new designs for my clothing line. PLUS it’s really nice when you need to make curtains to have the girls sew it for you instead~ !! Weekend Design Studio Weekend Design Studio

Finally, I have had a good time working on the outside garden. Eventually, I will work on doing something at the waters edge but for now, I am just happy to remove much of this Augustine Grass.  Pegeen Finishes by Pegeen Finishes by Porch -  Pegeen Finishes by Porch -  Pegeen Finishes by Pegeen.comPorch -  Pegeen Finishes by

Well, that’s all.  Thanks to my sister-in-law Joanne who gave me the nicest compliment – “Can I live here”?