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Putting up the Christmas Lights

The daughter of my very good friend, Jessica Abraham, is about as crazy as I am about decorating early for the holidays.  She is quite a bit younger than I am so I am happy to report that this year, my 22 year old volunteered to help with festivities for Halloween.  Once Halloween is over, out come the Christmas decorations at my place.  The very next day.

We had a good time last night, getting our place scarey for the Trick or Treater’s.  We did a few new easy-to-decorate tricks my husband discovered on Pinterest.  My favorite?  Putting green glow sticks inside orange balloons and lining the walk way.  It cost less than $4 to do and sure added to the ambiance.  I took some of their old masks – scarey ones – and stuffed them with paper, threw some red paint so they would drip down the “stakes” and placed the wolf and gorilla mask on the stakes.  Even had these battery operated monster glow eyes and placed them in the masks to make them look even scarier.  Put an entire bottle of red dye in an old pot and placed this fog maker inside that we had and included some apples to BOB in the water that were long past their expiration date. I chuckled when some tough looking teenagers came for their tricks and set off a motion detector that made all this stuff “happen” and scared the bejeezers out of the kids.  Priceless.

Halloween 2014

Today, I almost fell over when my oldest came down stairs before noon and announced it was time to “get Christmas on” but we needed to take Halloween down first. I could hear my dad in my voice when I asked him “what do you want?”  Nothing he replied, “I just want to help”.  Gosh, he even put them in separate plastic zip-lock bags so the lights didn’t become tangled unlike his old habit of throwing them in the plastic tubs!!  A-MAZING  #KidsGrowingUp

Completely overwhelmed.  Watch it Jess – you have competition for Christmas.