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Cinderella Dresses Are Here!

We suppose it is very fitting to announce the addition two new flower girl dresses to the Pegeen Fairytale Collection on our Fairytales and Weddings blog!  We are really excited to see the new Disney Cinderella movie releasing in March 2015.

The first of the two styles is fashioned after traditional blue Cinderella colors – we call it the Blue Quartz Fairy, made of silk, and it’s available in any of the 200 colors of silk.  In fact, we already have an order pending for a First Communion Dress!

Pegeen Style 910 - the Blue Quartz Fairy Dress

The second dress has some beautiful iridescent organza and multiple layers of tulle. This combination is turquoise though it can be customized to be in any color way. The style is Pegeen Style 912 called The Aura Fairy after the gorgeous rainbow quartz of the same name, and of course, Cinderella. It too includes butterflies in the shawl collar as well as a Cinderella Bow.912  Aura Fairy Dress form the Pegeen Fairy Tale Collection

My little munchkin, Jessica, is engaged!

From the moment I met her, I loved her.

My niece Jessica wearing  c1995

When I was a single gal, my closest brother had the most beautiful girl in the world named Jessica.  I had a few other nephews and nieces by then whom I love dearly, but when Jessica was born I got a “daughter” as well.  I was close to my brother Tom – very close, and when his first child was born, it was as if I was a “mom” too.  Tom and Joanne, my sister-in-law, let me into their lives like no one else could.  Thomas followed Jessica and all I could think about was how amazing he was – and mechanical!  When they were sick, I was sad.  When one of their kids got hurt, I was devastated.  These were MY children.  When their 3rd and final child Kate was born prematurely, this tiny little bundle would sleep on my chest and I would just watch her in amazement.  Here below is “my fam”.

Here's my "fam"

Jessica was and still is the apple of my eye.  I love her intelligence, her humor and sweetness.  She, and her two siblings are more than just my children…. she is the honorary Godmother to my oldest son, and really I think of her as a more than daughter, and the same for her siblings. I spoiled her to the point of madness. When she was little, I would give her EVERY dress from our then Pegeen Everyday Collection and we would pick out bows for her hair, making sure she had one for every outfit for Kindergarten. She hugged me and said, “Aunt Marg, you are the best aunt ever. You give me every dress I could ever want!”   My brother’s kids and mine grew up together, in fact we would trek to her town some 50 minutes away every Halloween just so we all could go trick or treating together. It wasn’t until we moved to Florida that my kids remarked that Halloween seemed empty without their “siblings”.

Jessica and her siblings were my models too for Pegeen. Here are a few of my favorites!
Jessica and Janelle modeling their Pegeen flower girl dresses Jessica's getting married!  Jessica and Thomas modeling their Pegeen Children's Bridal Wear

Now, my Jessica is going to be a bride. I am like so in love with her Alan, and now I am not sure who will be sobbing more at her wedding, my brother Tom or me!  As a flower girl dress designer, I KNOW Jessica will have kids in her wedding – “even if I have to rent them Aunt Marg” she once exclaimed!  I know she will because we picked out those styles YEARS ago.  I love you Jess.