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For my friend Jeff Smith….

I have a friend from high school, grade school even who is this incredible film maker, photographer and writer, Jeff Smith.  A lot of what he photographs is nature – and I remember just a week ago telling him how his photography takes me to places I can’t go to now but through his eyes, I see the most incredible things.  Like a grizzly in Alaska, at the side of the flowing river, salmon about to land in his mouth, or capturing firelight with a bunch of cowboys standing at night’s edge.  I mean, Jeff has beautiful talent.  You have likely seen his work, whether in National Geographic or even a recent “mermaid” shoot for an advertisement.  (see his work at

Sadly, Jeff lost his brother with a sudden heart attack.  He is raising funds selfishly for his nephew’s college on GOFUNDME.COM  – and wrote a wonderful tribute to his brother as well.  I often think about this from my own perspective – what we all think about – if what if something happened to me? How would my children react?  What if I suddenly lost a sibling, gosh I am still reeling from my parents death.  My heart goes out to Jeff and his family.

Please check this on and if you can help, every dollar is well deserved.