November 12th 2016 archive

Did you see this dress??

Okay, so I admit, I am the first to follow the red carpets.  Why not – nice to escape to the goings on of some amazing dresses.   I have been deciding on – “do I have my seamstresses make my own?” one day and the next week, thinking “this is the dress!”

So, I plan, as a Mom of the Groom to find or design THE DRESS.  Ideas anyone?  So far I am stuck on this one – by Monique l’Hullier.  We designed flower girl dresses for one of her staff – maybe I should pay her company the same compliment.  Anyhow, to watch our enthusiasm for the wedding festivities in Lake Tahoe and Reno, go to our Pinterest board.

For Billy's wedding?

Did I say, it’s off to the plastic surgeon next week.  Got to fit in that dress after all,