Harry Potter Wedding

I love Harry Potter and am a HUGE fan. I credit it for making one of my kids a voracious reader.  Teddy was so enamored by Harry Potter and we knew it was the motivator to make reading an everyday occurrence.  In fact, when small, Teddy loved to have us read to brother Bill and couldn’t wait for the nightly sit down.  A few years later and lots of practice (Teddy was reading at 22 months), in Kindergarten the new Harry Potter book came out and naturally, the bad mother that I was, (tee heehee) at aged five, we took both our kids to Barnes and Nobel at Midnight to get the latest book.  Early the next morning, out from the covers, Teddy pronounced “I’m finished Mom, you can read it now”.  Yep, that’s right – Teddy finished Harry Potter iv in one night as a Kindergartner.

We were crazy about the books.  In fact, I lived in an historic Tudor home in New Jersey at the time and all the way up the stairwell, in the kids rooms, we had scenes from Harry Potter done by an artist.  I decorated their rooms like the dormitories and one of their closets was turned into The Common Room.  And yep, on the way to the scary attic, Fluffy guarded the door.  I’m lucky to get my “fix” living minutes from the Wizarding World of Harry Potter over at Universal Studios, Orlando but I still look often and “anything” Harry Potter.

Griffindor Room

So, when I came across this story in Town and Country about a Harry Potter Wedding, I had to know more.  Yes – the images are fantastic but more cyber-stalking later and I found Cassie has a website of her own, featuring her great paper bouquets that she makes – this one was for her wedding and was made from the pages of a Harry Potter Book.

Visit her Facebook page  HERE and become a fan for sure.  You have to visit her page JUST to see her incredible wedding video by Viaduct Video.

Photography for her wedding was by Kelly Clarke Cheshire, UK whose photography is absolutely incredible!!

Kelly Clarke Wedding Photography, Cheshire, UK

Kelly Clarke Wedding Photography, Cheshire, UK


Kelly Clarke Wedding Photography, Sale, Cheshire. UK

Kelly Clarke Wedding Photography, Cheshire. UK


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